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Written by: Prof. Nabil QasemHailat/ President of Yarmouk University

Jordanians celebrate on the 25th of May every year an occasion that is considered the most precious in their hearts. On this day, seventy-five years ago, the independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was declared. Perhaps on this day and in the midst of our celebrations of the great victory, we cannot help but remember the martyrs of Jordan and their great sacrifices, and remember with pride what our fathers and grandfathers have achieved in terms of victory and achievement in service for our homeland Jordan, and the concerns of our Arab nation. Congratulations to us and to our youth on this honorable history and this great legacy that Jordan have accomplished, under the leadership of the distinguished sons of Hashem, who gave this country and the issues of the Arab nation great care and consideration, and were able to stand by their generous people to move forward in order to lay solid foundation for a nation that has become a symbol of security and safety, so they built edifices and raised buildings, and made glory and rooted love for the homeland in the souls of people who pledged to God and promised their leader to exert great and precious efforts to keep the flag of Jordan fluttering high over the years.

Independence for Jordanians does not only mean getting rid of the oppression of colonialism and military dependence on the foreigner, but it has a comprehensive and civilized concept which includes all the principles of freedom, justice, equality, freedom of expression, respect for opinion, and the embodiment of the principles of equality and responsibility, regardless of religion and belief. It is a day for all Jordanians, It is a day we celebrate the development of a strong Jordanian human being, who is competent, educated, and moderate who can stand on his feet with all steadfastness and strength and overcome challenges, for the sake of his dignity and the dignity of his homeland.

Independence also means building educational, health, security and economic institutions, as well as achieving balance, growth and community peace with Jordanian hands, and maximizing the achievements of a comprehensive and moderate Jordan, with its balanced local, regional and international ideas and policies that achieve our supreme national interest.

Certainly, independence is not measured by numbers only. If we look at the great achievements in the education and higher education sector - and here we refer to the compulsory education - we find that Jordan has made qualitative leaps in building educational institutions in a short period of time, raising the level of the Jordanian scientist and researcher, corresponding to the global level, as we have become one of the countries that provide the Arab and regional market with  qualified competencies of our Jordanian people, armed with leadership skills and able to build and develop, achieve progress and prosperity, and here we can only speak with pride about this country and its great achievements that are based on the fact that "The human being is the most precious".

Independence is represented in the Jordanian state and its Hashemite leadership gaining all respect and appreciation, and a model renewed presence in international and global diplomatic forums, despite the intellectual contradictions and military alliances, the countries and peoples of the world constantly desire the good and continuous dealings with all components of the Jordanian state.

Independence also means the unmarketable ability of the Jordanian state to withstand all the exceptional and sudden challenges and obstacles that affect the Jordanian environment, and its ability to deal with asylum issues at different periods and deal with refugees who sought refuge in Jordan with full capacity, responsibility and humanity, and the application of international standards to preserve Human dignity, whatever its roots, despite the shortage of economic resources and the difficult political situation, but God - the Almighty - always reconcile the decisions of the Jordanian state to serve humanity and crowned it with success.

We do not forget that independence also comprises in showing and highlighting Jordan's role in all sincerity and honesty, and its support for Arab issues, especially the central issue of Palestine, and the defense that accompanies it, led by the Hashemites throughout their honorable history of defending the rights of the Palestinian people, their right to self-determination, and achieving the required support in all international forums, with the assertion that this defense is not a usual one, as much as it is a perception stemming from the doctrine of realizing the right and in support of our Palestinian brothers in building their state on the land of Palestine on the 1967 borders.

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the independence of our beloved Jordan, we can only pray to God that we celebrate soon the Jordanian Hashemite support for the independence of Palestine, considering that the Palestinian issue is the main concernof the Jordanian state and Jordan's policy.

Happy Independence Day for Jordan and for our leader.