As part of Yarmouk University's celebrations in the Jordanian State Centenary, Yarmouk University President, Professor. Nabil Hailat announced the foundation of the first research network of female academic faculty members in various faculties under the name of Leading Academics Network "She Leads Network", as to be proud and appreciative of the Jordanian women role and their vital contributions to supporting Jordanian society and evolving its career in diverse fields.

During the meeting with the group of academic femalesin the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs professor. Muwaffaq Al-Amoush, and the Director of the department of International Relations and Projects Dr. Ghazi Magableh, Prof. Hailat stated that the launch of this network at Yarmouk University is an activation of the pioneering and innovative role of the 'Yarmouk Academic Female', besides leadership and excellence of Yarmouk University in various fields of knowledge and humanity.

Prefessor Hailat pointed out that Yarmouk University is counting on this academic female elite highly for increased international cooperation and participation in international, regional and local projects, in order to serve the university's goals, and devotes the leading role of women in it.

Dr. Magableh stressed that launching this network comes in line with the Jordanian state's procession towards development and growth, and with Yarmouk University's plan and strategic vision regarding local and regional developments, as well as improving research studies and supporting international projects. Therefore, it is important for the university to have such specialized research team that activates the role of females towards universality and networking with female academics in various international academic and research institutions, within the general framework that concerns women and youth.

He also pointed out that this network will focus on scientific research and research related projects, besides enhancing partnership with the local, regional and international community, and encouraging academic females to search for opportunities and areas of support and development, through cooperation with the organizations and institutions interested in such research projects.

"She Leads Network",team leader, Dr. Ayat Nashwan, highlighted that the foundation of this network at Yarmouk University is a strengthening of its mission and philosophy that based on education and developing scientific research and community service, which in return deepening the role of academic females in it, in order to take the lead in devoting the university's capabilities and responsibilities towards its community.

Dr. Ayat added that the idea of this network  is subject to expanding its content and formulating its main duties, objectives and tasks to benefit youth and women, and then transfer it out of campus to include female researchers at the national and international levels.