In the context of Yarmouk University 's quest for universality and launching a global  academic partnership network with prestigious scientific and academic institutions, Professor Nabil Hailat, President of the University, Prof. Muwaffaq Alomoush, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Riyadh Al-Momani, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Ghazi Magableh,  Director of International Relations and Projects Department  participated in the Bridgewater State University International Partnership Forum, which was held via Zoom application with attendance of more than 70 participants from 35 universities around the world.

During the meeting, participants exchanged views on the challenges and possibilities of building strong cooperation with partner organizations in the pandemic disaster. Each university president or delegate introduced his institution.  Professor Nabil Hailat, president of the university, said that Yarmouk University is the second oldest university in Jordan and houses more than 39,000 students from different nationalities, and currently, the university has students from over 40 countries. He explained that most of the disciplines are taught at the University in addition to having a number of centers serving the community through cooperative partnerships. Prof. Hailat pointed out that the university seeks to build bridges with global academic institutions aiming at strengthening scientific research and enhancing cooperation for the sake of university education advancement.

In turn, President of Bridge Water University delivered a speech praising the collaboration and partnership of the Forum member universities, as their participation had further developed the University and increased the numbers of international students admitted to it, as well as enriched programmes of cooperation with various world universities.

It is worth mentioning that since 2010, a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation between Yarmouk University and Bridge Water University has been signed and recently renewed. The memorandum of understanding includes cooperation in the areas of scientific research, joint projects, scientific cooperation and exchange of academic visits to students and teaching staff.

Moreover, an agreement between both parties has also been signed, whereby the University of Bridgewater would receive students from Yarmouk University to complete their postgraduate studies free of charge. Seven students had studied at the University of Bridgewater in accordance with this agreement, two of whom are current students. In return, Yarmouk University receives five students from Bridge Water University to study Arabic during the summer semester under specific conditions.

The participation of Yarmouk University  in this Forum is meant to build a broad network of relationship with various local, regional, and international universities and academic institutions, which is in line with the University's strategy to move towards universality and strengthen scientific and research links with researchers and academics from different regions of the world.