Dear students


Below is the link for the final exam table for the second semester 2020-2021, noting that the table does not contain the graduate studies courses, practical laboratories and medical faculty courses, as they will be determined by your faculties.

Please, always use this link to make sure of the dates of your exams and do not rely on the tables published informally on social media ... as any modification or notes by the faclyties will be directly reflected on the link and appear in yellow.

1. We kindly ask you to check the exam date for your courses and their platforms, noting that:

  • If the exam is through Exam1 ( or Exam2 (, the student is allowed to enter the platform at the time specified for the exam using the university number and a password.
  • If the exam is through the Question Mark platform (, an email will be sent with the date and time of the exam and the exam password before the exam date, so everyone is kindly requested to follow the university e-mails.

2- We also note that if the Internet is disconnected or the system is suspended, the student can do an update (Refresh) or close the browser and open it again and continue the exam, whether from the same device or from another device or phone (provided one device at the same time). On the Question Mark platform, you must close the browser, open it again, enter the test, and click the Resume button.

3- the website translation must be stopped as it affects the text of the question. Sometimes, the question does not appear completely or the word locations change even if the exam is in Arabic and the translation is in Arabic. It is also recommended to use the hidden or private browser (Private or Incognito) by copying the test link inside it instead of using the regular browser.

Link to final exams table:


We wish you success.

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